A Human Connection

This past May found me at a hospital in Fort Worth for most of a week, watching my 80 year old mother die. During the hours that she slept and the morphine had its effect, I sought distraction by playing chess on my phone. Sometimes I played against the app Play Magnus but mostly I played [continue reading]

Commitments Drive Us

It started with an email. The teenage son of a close buddy of mine asked if I’d be interested in giving a talk at a TEDx event he was organizing for his high school. The request sounded simple enough. A twenty-minute talk to maybe a hundred people. How hard could it be? Plus it was [continue reading]

To Hold Confidence In Others…

Sometime in 1998, Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires took to the stage of Amsterdam Concertgebouw for an informal, lunchtime concert. At the command of conductor Riccardo Chailly, the orchestra engaged Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466. It is a stunning few bars and under any other circumstances would have been lost [continue reading]

You Can’t Bleed Over

So here’s the deal. Now that you’re running a team, you’re going to be in a lot of meetings. You’ve reached a point in your career where you can’t keep thinking of meetings as a distraction from your “real job” – they are your real job. As a leader of Design your job is less [continue reading]

Chatting with Cameron Moll at

Last month I had the opportunity to spend time with Cameron Moll, founder of Authentic Jobs and host of We covered a lot of ground including, product design at Pinterest, sourcing talent in the Bay Area, portfolio reviews, unsolicited redesigns, work/life balance, and more. You should go listen to it NOW. My deepest thanks [continue reading]

The One-Question Interview

And so there you are. Ten minutes late for a thirty minute interview. With a glance at your calendar you confirm once more that you have a hard stop on the half hour. A handshake, a smile, you’re seated and you’re ready. Having already met the candidate on multiple occasions, witnessed the morning’s portfolio review, [continue reading]

File → New

At some point I suppose, you simply have to start –– to start writing, start posting and stop worrying. I have hung from the side of cliffs, jumped from airplanes, even engaged in public speaking and still, still nothing causes me quite so much stress as the blank page. Over the years I’ve learned to [continue reading]